about me

Tree-Hugging Yogi Warrior.

Whilst trying to avoid labels; that helps describe some of me. Vegan, smiley, enthusiastic, friendly, oh and don't forget blonde! I've wanted to 'save the world' since I was little and that can mean many things; to me it means being directly involved to make as big of a positive change as possible. Since returning from South America this has meant temporarily doing things from home; supporting charities, sharing information to allow informed choices, applying for jobs in charity work, choosing to be vegan (one of the huge ways we can make a positive impact on animals, ourselves, others and our planet); all the while with a goal in mind to be able to travel to and actively take part and help the charities and organisations that are changing the world, on the ground. I believe that everyone has a purpose, and part of mine is to help save the rainforests of the world and the life that they support. If I could, I would help every charity and every cause, and along the way I will try to reach out as far as I can. Now I am here out in the world with my backpack, and my dream is my reality. I continue  my adventure with the hope that the opportunities I create and find, will allow me to continue this as my job and make as much of a difference as possible. I'm glad you are joining me for the ride.