Canggu's food


I don’t really know where to start with this post. My 3kg weight gain is probably all I need to mention to get across how bloody yummy the food in Bali is. I will mention a few of my fave spots in Canngu and Ubud because they need a mention and perhaps this will help other people visiting Bali have the same culinary experience I have.


By far the best Vegan restaurant I have ever been to. I haven’t been to lost because vegan restaurants are a huge rareity in the U.K., so my frame of reference may be limited, but as a vegan, I can safely say this rocks. A huge varied menu, breakfasts ranging from chia pudding bowls (my new found love), full English ‘cruelty free’ style, scrambled tofu, avocado on toas, caramelized bananas and porridge; smoothies of all sorts including the famous ‘Choc-tops’. I have to pause here to mention this haha. I am a smoothie queen and this was mind-blowing! Cacao (raw cocoa, renowned for it’s health benefits), cashew butter, bananas, ginseng and almond milk. This sounds simple but the combination, the thickness and the ice, were more-ish and filling and I actually would daydream about it on the way to get one. I have issues I know!

Ok so back to Shady Shack food. They also had lunches, smoothie bowls (a smoothie made thicker topped with granola and seeds and coconut), and salad bowls filled with goodness. And now to the dinners – the options included the amazing Tempeh Burger. This was a huge wedge of Tempeh, which we have already discovered that I love, topped with roasted pumpkin, tomato chutney and salad on a soft homemade sourdough bun. Then to add to this they served it with fries and their homemade ketchup (you can’t get real ketcup in Bali but this was BETTER!). I don’t think I spoke durng the whole meal, it really was a great combination and even appeal to meat eaters. When I met Mark (a family friend) and his wife Lia and son Lewis for dinner, he had this and raved about it as much as me!

They also do lentil soups, nachos, other burgers, gnocchi, and so many other options that I didn’t get chance to try. But the second best part – the deserts! They serve a cashew chocolate cake, possibly the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tried, served with coconut whip. We also indulged in their island pie, which was a pecan tart with grated pineapple an coconut on top, and their raw carrot cake, yum. And just in case you aren’t full yet, they do hot drinks, of which their cacao latte made with coconut milk is the thing of dreams.

Can you tell I’m a fan. Oh and I was staying 5 minutes away – very handy, not for my waistline though!


This is the place for almond milk chai lattes (which I love), good coffee, the best brownie I have ever brought, and some huge yummy meals on toast. It’s cheaper than most of the other spots too so a good place to be filled up with vegan or non-vegan food on a budget. I enjoyed the chai pudding bowls and the smoothies bowls.


On Batu Bolong, this little café can get missed but that’s a big mistake. Tonnes of breakfast options, great for the gym goer who is watching their protein intake as they offered protein shakes and PROTEIN WAFFLES! This was easily the best waffle I had ever had. I may have had to wait an hour for it because they forgot, although the waitress assured us this wasn’t the case as Geri and her friend finished their meal and left before I even got mine, but it was worth the wait. One of the two topping options was peanut butter and berries (don’t mind if I do), and I chose the plant protein option for inside the waffle. I was handed an enormous waffle, as wide as the small dinner plate and 2 inches thick piled with peanut butter, blueberries and strawberries. It was heaven! Needless to say we revisited for more another time! Their chia pudding was also yummy as was their avocado on sourdough toast. Happy girls all round!


I didn’t taste their breakfasts but was told good things about them. This restaurant was in the Bawa area about 20mins outside of the main part of Canggu, along what is called the ‘rice-paddy road shortcut’. This road needs a post in itself. It was a cobbled road, made higher than the rice paddies on either side. It was a shortcut from Batu Bolong to this part of Canggu and also onto Kerobokan and then Seminyak. There was holes and bumps and speed bumps and cracks; all which made for a bit of a dodgy ride on a scooter. And then there was the cars. This road was barely as wide as a car but people kept insisting on driving along here and some ended up in the rice paddies. The cars created traffic as they had to reverse aong long stretches, sometimes at night without any street lights, to let another car past. The scooters and bikes would pile up around the cars making it harder to see where they were going and slowing things up more. It seems that patience and common sense are slightly lacking in Bali, but no road rage, just people whizzing past each other and squeezing into gaps you wouldn’t even think you could get a toddler on a trike into! I often just closed my eyes as I was on the back of Lisa’s scooter heading down here. So we survived the trips to Pelaton, and the food made it wrht it haha. They had a tricken snitzel, which was a chicken imitation made of soya, and it was goooood. They served it as a burger or as a patty with sweet potatoes and salad or veggies with a cashew sour cream sauce.

Oh and the deserts. Lisa and I shared a brownie with the ‘nice-cream’ we had tasted at other venues. Then at a later date Elyse and I had their carrot cake with salted-caramel nice-cream. It was raw and completely delicious!


This is an understated spot at the far end of Batu Bolong. They serve smoothie bowls, smothies, sandwiches, avocado on toast and drinks; keeping it simple. They also had homemade almond milk you can buy, which made a lovely chai latte (I’m slightly obsessed with these and matcha lattes!).



I discovered this place by accident walking up to the Canggu shop; a health food type shop that had homemade almond milk, houmus and almond butter, amongst other things.  The bakery makes cakes, pastries and bread, all of which apart from the bread is made with banana flour. They are working on the bread recipe, the banana flour has a sweet taste not idea for bread, but they said they were getting close! I visited again with Elyse so we could shoot some photos and hear the story, to write a blog piece on them – watch this space! They kindly gave us free waffles for breakfast so we could try them and see how good they were, and we were both convinced.