Chilling in paradise; our fabulous family stay in Zanzibar

We arrived in the evening after a flight n a rather small plane. We tried to spot Mount Kilimanjaro from the plane but the clouds got in the way. I really wanted my family to see it but it wasn’t to be this time. We were picked up by Soul of Tanzania’s driver and drove the hour and a half to our luxury hotel, very hungry and thirsty and ready for some chill. And wow did we get it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we arrived at our hotel Hideaway of Nungwi; it was phenomenal, luxury like I had never seen before! We had a welcome talk, where they explained that everything was included, EVERYTHING, that dinner was still being served until 10pm, and that tonight was a gala night with music, and then were taken to our rooms. Even the rooms were gorgeous. Lee and I had our own four poster bed and a double sink bathroom with a huge rainfall shower. Oh were we gunna chill!

The dinner didn’t disappoint, although the music was very loud. We started on some cocktails (just one for me as a lightweight and tired) and I was given a tour to show me which foods were vegan. We got stuck in. There was about 20 salads, soups, starters, curries, naans, chutneys, bbq meat, fried battered vegetables, hummus, dips, rices, noodles, stir-fry, every sauce you could imagine, chips, pizza, pasta. Honestly it was remarkable. I had one plate with about 50 things to try and then was full. I wanted to try it all but we were here for 5 days so we had time.

The next day was our first gimpse in day light of the grounds, and wow did they live up to being 5-star. But the winning aspect was easily the sea. Wow. I have never ever seen water like it. The sea, the sun, the sky, just amazing.

Mum havng her frst swm

Mum havng her frst swm

For the next 5 days we enjoyed glorious sunshine, that was actually too hot to sunbathe in between 11am and 3pm. It was roasting! We enjoyed cooling off in the calm crystal clear sea, the infinity pool and with a cocktail or two. I am not much of a drinker, so had a couple, and they were delicious, but in the heat went straight to my head. We continued family crosswords and reading, as well as just sitting talking, which was lovely after months of not seeing each other.

The hotel provided entertainment evenings, which were also 5-star. We watched acrobatics, which were really jaw-dropping, and another night was a contemporary dance show, which was also very very good.

The food continued to be awesome. Soooo much choice and fresh, healthy, unprocessed food. The fresh fruit and salads were really something to write home about, and just what was needed at lunchtime in the heat. The curries were delicious too, chickpea, lentil, okra; a different one each day. We sat around eating leisurely, trying all the different options. It was fun.

On the second to last day we decided to go snorkelling. We were told there was 2 options, one quite close but there wasn’t many fish, or one a little further away where the coral wasn’t so great but lots of fish. We took the further option but immediately regretted it when were on a slow boat on a quite choppy sea for over an hour. Still the snorkel leader was funny and the views were great. We got to see Pemba Island too, which is beautiful. It’s privately owned though so you can’t even step on it without being fined. Apparently Microsoft have it!

The snorkelling was good, unfortunately the coral is damaged and dying so there was loads of huge black spikey sea urchins, which are parasitical to the coral. They also leave huge spikes in our feet, when I say spiky, I mean spiky! The fish were pretty though, we saw some Dory’s and Nemo’s lol, some other fabulously colourful fish and some huge starfish! They fed us pineapple, watermelon and homemade donuts when we came out of the water, just what we needed after 2 salty dives. Unfortunately the vegan lunchbox I had ordered was not vegan, they had added peanut butter to the cheese sandwich instead of replacing it, but the boat driver and snorkel leader enjoyed them haha.

The gym was also great and I tried to go every day. My 10kg heavier weight was getting the shove! I was usually the only one in there so that was nice!

So all in all we were very happy with our hotel and the stay.

Then it was tme to say goodbye...

Weirdly the day after everyone left, the sun went in for a few days and it was raining; it seemed the weather was reflecting my feelings :(



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