Kilimanjaro fundraising changing lives: Rebuilding a school's classrooms in rural Uganda

This is Solid Rock Nursery and Primary School, which was partially demolished after a huge storm pulled down the classrooms. Luckily I was able to contribute not just my time like all the other projects, but the money I had raised climbing Kilimanjaro, so that we could rebuild it for them! I loved getting stuck in, mixing cement, fetching and stacking bricks in a dodgy wheelbarrow, sieving sand and generally learning about construction. I also taught yoga to the school on some of the days and we were fed like kings and queens by the owner of the school, Charlotte, who also teaches there; an amazing woman!

BEFORE: (in fact the water tunnel underneath the classroom was constructed by us also but I didn't have a before shot without that in)



They did a show for us to say thank you for the work we had done. It blew me away how much time and love they had put into it, and their gratitude had us all in tears. Amazing people.

...Watch out for my next post on Uganda and setting up a charity - exciting!