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Be The Change

Our charity 'Be The Change' has a mission to create positive change in the world. We carry out compassionate action through voluntary work to help causes and charities, and setting up projects ourselves. We also support positive changes that everyone can do in their everyday lives to help the conservation of our planet, it's species, and to alleviate poverty.


Amazing Grace Hands

As part of this mission, Be The Change has recently set up an orphan fund called 'Amazing Grace Hands'. We are training the care-givers of the orphans and the most 'in-need' children to be able to make crafts as a livelihood to be able to pay school fees for these children. In Uganda school fees is a crippling problem for most, and even more so if yo are a single parent or a parent who has also taken orphan children into their family. Employment is also a huge issue, especially for women, and so for most of the care-givers, their only income comes from the small garden they have where they produce crops to sell at the market. This is not even close to enough to feed them all, let alone then pay for school fees. This is where we come in. By providing free training materials for them, we have so far trained 25 women how to weave baskets and mats and make paper bead necklaces. Some of these crafts will be sold in the UK and some locally to provide each of the first 86 children in our remit with education for the rest of this school year. By approaching it this way, rather than just offer sponsorships, which isn't sustainable, we have empowered the women to create a future for their families. This is also gains respect and appreciation within the family unit from the children, thus empowering them to know they can do the same.



To continue this we really need help to buy more materials and pay for more workshops to reach more schools in this rural area, and more orphans. If you would like to be part of teaching livelihoods to women in poverty please help us with any amount you can. The link to donate is here:


Here's an outline of the costs that you can help with:

  • Cost of a trainer for a days workshop - £18
  • Materials for one woman to work and practice through the 3 workshops - £5
  • Cost to put one child through the rest of 2018 school year - £10
  • Cost to send 1kg of crafts to the UK - £20



I am happy to introduce the people who this is all for (page to come introducing the children)

If you would like to offer a year (or more if you are a super star!) of school sponsorship to one of these children, please let us know. It means the world to them and you would get a letter every term from them telling them about their progress and what they have been up to. They really love writing letters and hearing back, so this is a wonderful way to link our lives, and show a child that may have been through the most awful of situations, that someone really cares!

For £15 a year you can put a child through a whole school year!


Support us

We will post details of our fundraisers and places to buy our wonderful handmade crafts on our Facebook page here, please like and follow our page, we love your support! We will be hosting a coffee and information morning in June in the U.K. so please attend and support this great cause if you can. 

If you would like to host a coffee morning, bake sale, information evening, party, book club or any type of fundraiser/awareness raiser, we would be so thrilled! Let us know and we can get some goodies sent across to you to sell on our behalf and also an information pack to help you show everyone what we are all about.



We also need help behind the scenes. If you have any of the following skills and would be willing to help us out with some advice or time, please get in touch. 

  • Website design (we need a donate button on this page, plus to be able to embed videos?)
  • Import knowledge
  • Property lawyer/legal advice
  • Fundraiser
  • Volunteer
  • Shop/salon owners who would like to display our crafts