save the world...



There is nothing quite like volunteering for a good cause. Knowing that you are giving, not to receive, and are helping people, animals or the environment, that wouldn't have your time and skills if you couldn't offer it without repayment ; that's something special. 

I'm travelling around the world to volunteer for the causes I feel are most at need, and trying to find a way to make helping these causes my job. Volunteering obviously isn't sustainable as there is no income and only expenditure, so my mission is to find a way to make making a difference my life. That's my dream. 


RAIN-FORESTs and the environment

If I could I would help all the charities and causes! It has been such a difficult task choosing which ones to help. The rain-forests are our planets lungs, and are home to the the largest diversity of species in the world, as well as holding the most astounding natural beauty; and they are taking a beating because of us. The rate of deforestation among the world's rain-forests is 20 football fields EVERY MINUTE and agriculture is the leading cause. We must act. I volunteered in Brasil before, and using the skills I learnt there I will be helping in Indonesia from the summer onward, working with the charities International Animal Rescue, Orang Utan Republik and Health in Harmony, who are protecting the rain-forest, the orangutans and the other species that live there. The aim for me is to be able to raise awareness, apply my skills to help them, and find out how we can actually halt the destruction. Reforesting and buying up land are not sustainable options long term, as we are fighting an uphill battle against a torrent of corporations who have worldwide consumer demand for palm oil funding their destructive prowess. It starts with us as the consumers, we must educate ourselves as to what we are purchasing so that we aren't unknowingly paying for the loss of our forests. These lists and apps can help you make informed choices:

We can also support the organisations trying to save the rain-forests. They are doing fabulous work and they need our backing as they face a huge task; one that is ALL OF OUR RESPONSIBILITY.



This has been a cause close to my heart ever since I can remember. I have supported Born Free; adopting Emily-Kate, an elephant who is supported by their charity, and many other organisations since I was younger, doing fundraising and also working for RSPB at one time too. I volunteered with Bali Animal Welfare Association and will work with International Animal Rescue at their rehabilitation centre whilst volunteering with Health in Harmony, who work in partnership with each other.

I also make my own personal life choices that impact animals in a big way; I am vegan and try to raise awareness of the sad state of our animal agriculture industry. We have become so far removed from what goes on, we can just buy products in a packet and not have to face what that animal has been through for that to get to our plates; this is wrong. We should know what WE pay for, and I know that most people would not continue to eat meat and animal products if they knew and saw the truth.

For the sake of our planet, animals and our health, we have to wake up and choose what is right over taste preferences.

One of my goals is to open a vegan restaurant in Worcester (my home town) with a yoga and mediation space above it. A safe space for us to learn how yummy vegan food is and how we can all have an impact on the world and on ourselves in the choices that we make.



Another cause close to my heart is the huge differentiation across the world in wealth. No person should starve whilst others have excess. I was lucky enough to be born into a country where we have food, clean water, infrastructure to protect us such as a health service and police, and overall great quality of life. Others, well actually 95% of the rest of the world, are not so lucky. I would like to share my blessings as far as I can, with those who are not so fortunate. If we all did this, the world would be a better place.

I am currently working in Rukungiri, a rural village in Uganda helping to build rain water harvesting tanks in schools, so that they always have clean water; rebuilding schools; creating groups of care givers who can make crafts to support the orphans in their schools, etc. I will also volunteer in Northern Uganda; helping former child soldiers reintegrate into their communities. And then onto South Sudan to help in the internally displaced camps created by the war in Darfur. Before heading Then onto Sumatra and Borneo.

I wish I could do more but I am watching my volunteering fund dwindle, so will do what I can whilst on my mission to make this a sustainable livelihood; helping to change the world in a positive way.