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Mount Kilimanjaro - yoga anytime, anywhere

Mount Kilimanjaro - yoga anytime, anywhere

My yoga journey

I started doing yoga when I was 13; it helped me with some health issues I had at the time and I found a grace and peace that I hadn't expected. I continued to find yoga on and off throughout the next 10 years; finding that when I stopped or fell out of a routine, my body would ache and I felt less connected with myself and less grounded. I got back into it in a big way 7 years ago and haven't looked back since. A few years ago I attended a couple of yoga retreats and found a love for teaching and helping others with their practice too, so teacher training was the obvious next progression.

Thanks to the support of my teacher Veronique Sweeney, my yoga class buddies, and my family and friends for being my guinea-pig students; my journey would not be the same without you guys. I also need to say a huge thanks to Claire, Mike, Sally and Kirsten, who I met on a yoga retreat back in May 2016; they planted the first seed and gave me the first encouragement to become a yoga teacher because of how I helped them during that week, thank you guys! 

I am now 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and am finding more and more ways that yoga can help people all over the world during my travels. I am now teaching as I volunteer; spreading the joy and love of yoga and meditation, helping the world find peace, one person at a time. 



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